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Shinhwa & H.O.T Heaven
H.O.T History

If u wanna know how H.O.T came along read along!! >_<

It's probably safe to say that this is the hottest Korean group out there. H.O.T. is a group of five guys; their groups name stands for High-Five of Teenagers. The first member to be discovered for H.O.T., was An Chil Hyun (now known as Kang Ta) while hanging out with his friends at Lotte World (a Korean Disneyland, it's one of the largest indoor amusement parks in the world, I've been there a dozen times or so). The manager saw him dancing and singing and was impressed by what he saw, and approached him with a card. Although Kang Ta's father was against him becoming a gasoo, he went on at the early age of 14 to begin his training. He began as a backdancer for the current popular artist, Yoo Young Jin.

Moon Hee Jun was the next member to be added to H.O.T. Hee Jun had scheduled a meeting with the managers ahead of time so that he might be able to make it. The managers liked what he did, and asked him to come back for another audition, and luckily enough, he made it! Hee Jun also began as a backdancer for Yoo Young Jin, along with Kang Ta.

Hee Jun, who had heard of Jae Won's dancing skills, became friends with Jae Won, and asked him to tryout as well, and made it in.

Jang Woo Hyuk was the next person -- after winning first place at a dancing contest, he was asked to tryout for H.O.T., and became a member of the group.

The last member of H.O.T. was Tony. The manager, Lee Soo Man, traveled to LA to hold tryouts, and both Tony and his close friend Andy (of Shin Hwa) made it in. But only after 4 short months of practice, Andy's parents withdrew their support of him becoming a gasoo, and Andy dropped out of H.O.T. (but at least he's making it big now with Shin Hwa, another big male group).


Last Updated:  Tuesday, July 30,2002