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Shinhwa & H.O.T Heaven


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H.O.T Profile

Hey everyone u want to know more about H.O.T themselves well come and take a look!!

Korean Name:  An Chil Hyun
Stage Name:  Kang Ta
Nickname:  Kam Sang, Kam Kam
Siblings:  1 older brother and sister
Birthday:  October 10, 1979
height:  180 cm
Weight:  65 kg
School:  Dongguk University
Hobbies:  Singing, dancing, collecting CD's
Ideal Gurl:  A petite, short gurl with pretty eyes
Position in H.O.T:  Lead singer

Hee Jun

Korean Name:  Lee Jae Won
Nickname:  Kuk Da Ri, Moon Nuh
Siblings:  1 older sister
Birthday:  April 5, 1980
Height:  182 cm
Weight:  60 kg
School:  Kyunggi University
Hobbies:  Computers, listening to music, soccer
Ideal Gurl:  a nice and pretty gurl
Position in H.O.T:  Rapper

Woo Hyuk

Korean Name:  An Seung Ho
English Name:  Tony An
Nickname:  Sohn Oh Gohng, Monkey Boy
Siblings:  1 older sister
Birthday:  June 7,1978
Height:  175 cm
Weight:  58 kg
School:  Donggukdae Yun Gook Young Hwa gwa
Hobbies;  B-ball, Nintendo, comic books, guitar
Ideal Gurl:  nice gurl who is willing to love him more than he loves himself
Postition in H.O.T:  English rapper, sub-singer

Kang Ta

Korean Name:  Moon Hee Jun
Nickname:  Gizmo
Siblings:  1 younger sister
Birthday:  march 14, 1978
Height:  173 cm
Weight:  59 kg
School:  Seoul Fine Arts
Hobbies;  Asking other people about their hobbies, writing songs, baseball, listening to music
Ideal Gurl:  Innocent, 160-170 cm tall, looks pretty in hip-hop clothes 
Position in H.O.T:  Singer and leader

Jae Won

Korean Name:  Jang Woo Hyuk
Nickname:  Hammer Boy
Siblings:  3 older brothers
Birthday:  May 9,1978
Height:  176 cm
Weight:  58 kg
School:  Behk Jae Yae Jun Jun Tohng Yae Sul Gwa
Hobbies:  skateboarding and b-ball
Ideal Gurl:  Must be INNOCENT!!!
Postition in H.O.T:  Rapper/dancer

Tony An