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Shinhwa & H.O.T Heaven
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Shinhwa History

Wanna know about Shinhwa and where the freak they came from??  Well here is some background info.  If u guys have more info to add fill free to email me!!  And if i am wrong on some info please tell me too!!

It all began in April of 1996.  Hye Sung went to the United States to go to high school.  While he was there he auditioned at SM Music to be put in a group.  Then the second semester of his senior year he went to korea to graduate.  While he was in Korea he learned he had been casted.  That's how the 1st member of Shinhwa came about.  he became Shinhwa's main vocals.
Also in the states Andy Lee, he actually would be in H.O.T in June 1995, but his parents did not want him to do it because he was still too young and in school.  Then two years later, he went back to Korea to practice with Shinhwa.
Eric (Also in the states) was in a group called E*N*D and competed in the "Santa Monica Dance Competition" of course they won.  H.O.T's Tony An lived in his neighborhood and told him to audition for SM.  In March 1997 Eric Mun auditioned and was casted and on August 1997 he flew to Korea to join Hye Sung and Andy where they bega to practice.
Also Eric and Andy during their time in Korea did most of the rapping for S.E.S
Min Woo was a lucky person, he was the next member to be picked for Shinhwa.  He was a student at JunJoo Fine Arts.  He was also in the dancing team called "Dicky ducky".  With this group he performed at an Everland dancing competition, and Min Woo was spotted by a SM scout. 
Dong Wan's enterance was very simple.  He entered Shinhwa after he saw a video of the member of Shinhwa rehearsing.
Jun Jin was accepted in the group, but had a decision to make, wheater to follow a singing career or his acting career.  he was trying to keep his studies up before becoming a gasoo
Finally Shinhwa was put together, Hye Sung, Andy Lee, Eric Mun, Min Woo, Dong Wan, and Jun Jin.  The group came out in the summer of 1998 from SM entertainment.  In korean their name means "Legend" or "Myth" and in Chinese "Word of God".



Last updated: Monday, July 22,2002